United in one practice – yet globally linked. For you.

Our team is internationally oriented and in ongoing contact with leading specialists around the globe. Members of our specialist team regularly take part in national and international medical congresses and meetings to share knowledge and experience with colleagues.

The key partners in our network

Our patients profit from our close cooperation with the partners in our network; synergies result, and we can combine what we know and what we have learned.

Hirslanden Clinic Zurich
Our practice is on the premises of the Hirslanden Clinic Zürich. As a result, the entire medical network of the clinic is available to us, including a modern infrastructure and up-to-date operating facilities.

Neurosurgery and maxillofacial surgery
In the case of operations at the skull base or in the area of the facial skull, we work closely with Prof. R. Reisch, a neurosurgery specialist at the Neurosurgery Clinic Hirslanden, and with the specialists in maxillofacial surgery at the Cranio-Facial Center, Hirslanden Clinic Aarau. This interdisciplinary cooperation permits us to carry out complex operations in the area of the skull base, the adjacent brain, and the facial skull.

FIMF Fisch International Microsurgery Foundation
We work closely together with the Fisch International Microsurgery Foundation.

Smell Diskettes Olfaction Test
We use the Smell Diskettes© Olfaction Test. This is a scientifically-validated method our rhinology working group developed to test smell.